Research on antibiotic prescribing habits

Project Information: Research on Antibiotic Prescribing Habits of GPs for Acute Respiratory Infection followed by Educational Intervention

The Center for Family Medicine-Medical Faculty Skopje, by signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Medical Faculty Zagreb, Croatia started the cooperation in the field of development of scientific projects in the interest of family medicine. To that end, Prof. Maria Botica held a workshop on rational prescribing of antibiotics in 2013, presenting the results of their study conducted in Croatia. The same study is being conducted in Kosovo and Macedonia and was interested in joining this research.

To this end, the Department of Family Medicine together with the Association of Family Medicine Specialists – Respiratory Group prepared a project, and in May 2014 applied for the E-Quality program 2014/2015 and received a grant from IPCRG-International Primary care Respiratory group. The project lasts 1 year, implemented under the mentorship of IPCRG and Jochen Cals – Assistant Professor, Department of General Practice, Maastricht University, Nederland.

Project lead researcher:

Assistant Prof. Dr. Katarina Stavric, Coordinator of the Center for Family Medicine-Faculty of Medicine Skopje


Association of Family Medicine Specialists – Respiratory Group

  • Radmila Ristovska, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Valentina Neyasmic Ristevska – Ph.D.

Clinic for Infectious Diseases Skopje

  • Prof. Irena Kondova Topuzovska, PhD
  • Prof. Snezana Stojkovska, PhD

Institute of Epidemiology and Bio-statistics with Medical Informatics Faculty of Medicine Skopje

  • Prof. Dr. Vesna Velic
  • Prof. Dr. Beti Zafirovska Ivanovska

Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb University, Department of Family Medicine

  • Prof. Marija Vrca Botica, PhD