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”Здружение на специјалисти по семејна медицина – Респираторна група” Скопје
(”Association Of Family Medicine – Respiratory Group” Skopje)

For more successful implementation of the set goals and tasks, the Association adopts this program with determined activities for the current year, with the tendency of constantly increasing the activities and expanding the activities in the mentioned areas of activity and beyond.

For this purpose, the Association will especially strive for:

  • Expanding the idea of bringing together specialists in family medicine, doctors in general, students in the field of education and their participation in the realization of the set goals
  • Promotion of Science, Research and Teaching, Training and Continuing Education, Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation in the Field of Respiratory Medicine
  • Promotion of cooperation with other Medical and other professional groups in the field of Pulmonology and medicine, in general,
  • Represents the interests of Pneumology in public and cooperation with other institutions and professional associations
  • Providing donor funds for procurement of materials as well as providing adequate space
  • Informing doctors about the possibility to participate in project activities, printing information leaflets and distributing them.

The goals will be achieved especially through the organization of scientific workshops, Symposia and Congresses as well as an international exchange of experts in the field of respiratory medicine.

All of these activities are designed to fulfill at the start of the Association’s work with the tendency to increase the Association’s activities gradually and to increase the membership of the Association, which will stimulate interest in mass participation in its ranks and expansion. Activities, finding new ways and priorities for work, new forms of organizing and constituting for the greater success of meeting the priority goals of the Association.