The goals and objectives of the Association are:

  • Implementation of European and world standards and guidelines in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia and the region;
  • Establish working groups in priority areas: asthma / rhinitis, COPD, respiratory infections (lung inflammation and tuberculosis);
  • Ensure representation of the International Respiratory Research Group in Primary Care (IPCRG);
  • Consolidating a respiratory medicine research network;
  • Translating and distributing documents to recognized subjects in the field (clinical guidelines and recommendations, medical tools, cross-cultural adaptation of scales / instruments useful for clinical practice);
  • Promotion of training activities;
  • Organizing a training network – training of trainers who will then be able to replicate the training activities;
  • Creating databases, collaborating with various professionals across the country, providing them with research activities;
  • Human Resources Development;
  • Foreign Languages and Computer Skills and Skills;
  • Making statements in electronic and print media;
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